Mosaic of mirrors will bring shades of luxury to your premises thanks to the use of such finishing materials as mirror mosaic and mirror tiles. First of all, it is nice to have on your walls mirror elements that simply work their magic by playing with light and space. Mirror mosaic is made of mirror pieces that have mirrored front side.

Important: do not mistake mirror mosaic for mirror tiles! In fact, they have a common origin, but mirror tiles have processed edge, and mosaic does not. Processed edge reduces the service life of the product.

  How to choose a mirror coating

Performed the necessary calculations and made up design solutions, you can buy our mirror mosaic of different kinds.

Ready-made options are presented on the website in the  Mosaic Catalog

You can order the mosaic set in desired colors and layout.

Note: pay attention to the edge! In high-quality mirror mosaic, the edge is not processed. Because after edges processing, filing and polishing the service life of mirror coating shortens.

Link to the video

Link to the video

Mirror mosaic is an attribute of your status and luxury

Mirrored elements in private housing give you a lot of advantages:
Important: mirror mosaic is not recommended for installation on the floor. That’s because it has a glossy slippery surface and glass can be fractured after a heavy object fall down what can cause injury.

Glue for mirror mosaic strictly should not have cement foundation! We recommend using glue for the mirrors.

 How to care for mosaic

Mirror elements are originally produced in very high quality. So, there are no manufacturer's specific requirements regarding care. To simplify your work we recommend using special cosmetic means designed for the care of mirror and glass. We do not recommend to clean the decorative mirror surface with aggressive chemicals, because in a few years it could lead to the darkening of mirror tiles.

How we work

During the working process, we recommend to use only high-quality materials and follow modern processing technologies. To produce our mosaic we use 2mm and 4 mm glass with a mirrored surface.

How to make mirror mosaic tiles? Cutting and packing of hi-quality mosaic.
Note: all work on the installation of decorative mirror coatings should be done by specialists with appropriate qualification and experience.

First of all, the mirror mosaic is an element of chic, expensive and prestigious decor.



Our company "Steklohouse" specializing in production of mirror mosaic and different mirror products is one of the most up-to-date and advanced on the world market. Over the last 10 years we have been actively implementing innovative ideas in the production of mirrors of various shapes and sizes. In our work we focus on the global trends in interior design. Our products can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. You can buy our mirror mosaic on the grid for the decorative coating of walls and other surfaces in homes and entertainment venues.

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We also offer mosaic of various shapes and sizes for decoration of interior design items: mirrors, vases, picture frames, flower pots, and other products.

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