Interior trends 2019

Interior trends 2019

Mirror mosaic became an interior design trend in 2019. Mirror tiles allow to hide wall defects and visually change the amount of space by reflecting the light with its multiple planes. A decoration of mirror fragments will be in its place in small halls and bedrooms, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens. The small size of chips allows arranging mosaic panel surface of any flection: columns, niches or arched vaults.

A similar mosaic can be used for decorating small interior parts. Floor vase, coffee table or a cupboard under the sink will gain a stylish and contemporary look after their surface is paste over with glittering pieces of glass. Either glass or mirror fragment mosaic can be used to decorate interiors of any color scheme what can be considered as its undeniable advantage. Standard not tinted panels will echo connotations of design.


Among the advantages of such tiles the following can be noted.

Capabilities of lighting and optical increase of room space.


Moistureproofness and resistance to temperature extremes.

Ease of installation.


Mirror mosaic application in the interior

There are three types of premises where mirror mosaic is put to good use.

– Places of public amusement. It is typically discos and clubs, where walls and columns are decorated by it. Mosaic is also always used on disco balls – mirrored balls hanged under the ceiling of the nightclubs. It slowly turns and creates the starry sky effect.


– Dwellings. Mirror mosaic also finds its application in the interior of an apartment or a house. In this case, wall or ceiling design can be composed using it. And someone likes to make inlaid pictures. Using mosaic in the home interior underscores the delicate taste of the owners.



– Bathrooms. Mirror decorated with mirrored mosaic looks nice in a bathroom. Mirror wall decor in a shower room can also be arranged by using pictures of mosaic. It attracts attention and captures it in a specific zone.



Mirror mosaic. Application process with your own hands

To put the mosaic in form of any ornament you need to:

Clear surface prepared for mosaic applying (make it dry and flat).

Apply liquid nails glue.

Glue the mirror chips with spacing up to 0.5 cm creating a certain pattern in accordance with your wishes;

In three hours when mosaic will dry out, float a joint with white or graphite floating choosing color depending on the overall color palette of the room.

Clear mosaic from surplus material.

In five hours polish mosaic with a dry cloth.

Then, enjoy the result well.


Often a ceiling is a place where mirror mosaic is applied in the interior. It visually raises the ceiling and creates the illusion of infinity on the embossed drywall construction. Tiles play many colors and become a unique ornament of a room.



Tip: For a mirror mosaic I suggest white or graphite floating, depending on the overall color scheme of the room.

Tip: For furnishing semi-circular surfaces choose a mosaic with the smallest dimensions of chips (slices), 1 cm rectangles are optimal. They must be oriented vertically, then you will be able to place them as closely as possible and follow foundation bends during installation.


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