How to make DIY vase with mirror mosaic tiles?

How to make DIY vase with mirror mosaic tiles?

The proverb says: “The best present is made by your hands”
A vase is an important thing in every house. You can use it as a decorative thing or put flowers into it. Of course, you can buy the vase in a shop, but also you can do it yourself.

For this project we will need:
– a base for our vase. It can be made of glass, or it can be any thing in a shape of a tube. In our project we will use the box from crisps;
– glue;
– a mirror mosaic tiles 1×1;
– white paper (if you use something in the shape of a tube);
– double-sided scotch or glue stick.

If you’ve decided to make a vase, first you need to prepare its surface. We took the box from crisps. The surface should be white. We wrap the box into the paper. To fix it we used double-sided scotch.
The next step is to fix the mosaic tiles. It’s better to use real glass mirror mosaic tiles. It is heavier than acrylics and will provide fixity at the end of the work.

Use the glue designed for mirrors. Start work from the top of the vase, gradually getting the bottom. Glue the place where you are going to stick the mosaic. It will help you to protect mosaic from the glue while fixing it and your product will look neater.
The distance between the mosaic tiles should be minimal. In order, the vase looks neat, mosaic tiles should be glued with a slight shift as to the previous row. When the job is done, let the vase dry.

DIY vase

You can make your vase multicolored, using 2 or 3 colors of tiles. We used blue and bronze. To have an equal part of your design, use the ruler to measure the height of your vase.
Divide into three parts. In our project we have 19 lines are decorated with bronze tiles. Then we counted the number of tiles in one line and divided into 3. We have 21 tiles in one line. Divided it into 3 is 7 tiles. 7-1(blue) = 6. So we fix 1 blue + 6 bronze + 1 blue +6 bronze + 1 blue+6 bronze = 21 tiles. Follow this pattern for 4 rows. Don’t forget to make a slight shift every next line.
The next line you follow the pattern:
2 blue + 5 bronze + 2 blue +5 bronze + 2 blue+5 bronze
3 blue + 4 bronze + 3 blue +4 bronze + 3 blue+4 bronze
4 blue + 3 bronze + 4 blue +3 bronze + 4 blue+3 bronze
5 blue + 2 bronze + 5 blue +2 bronze + 5 blue+2 bronze
6 blue + 1 bronze + 6 blue +1 bronze + 6 blue+1 bronze
The next lines are totally blue.
When the vase is ready to use, you can put some dried flowers in it. You can put a glass with water inside the tube and put a bunch of flowers.

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