How to make DIY Disco Ball with mirror mosaic tiles

How to make DIY Disco Ball with mirror mosaic tiles

The mirror ball with light rays has been a symbol of hot discos all over the world for many years. Spreading glares of light, where the disco ball is located, fill the room with a unique charm and emotions. You can buy a ready-made Disco Ball in the store, but isn’t it more interesting to do it yourself with mirror mosaic tiles?

For this project we need:

– the base of the ball. It may be an old globe or a styrofoam ball-base,

– glue,

 – 3/8″ square mirror mosaic tile,

– a nylon thread, a wire or a braid.

If you have decided to make a Disco Ball from an old globe, first you need to prepare its surface. It shouldn’t have the dents and cracks. If you have some, it is necessary to putty them. The next step is to make a mount to hang a mirror ball. Make a small loop from wire (as for the Christmas-tree toys). Fix it on a ball with the epoxy resin or super glue. If the ball is small, use the strong tape of a silver color.

The most reliable is fastening made of nylon threads, smeared with glue. Wrap them around the meridian lines and the equator on the globe. If you collect the filaments in a bundle on one of the globe poles, you will have the most reliable fastening. Disco Ball will easily spin under the ceiling from the slightest movement of air. It is better to choose a 2 mm mosaic. It is lighter than usual and won’t be heavy at the end.

DIY Disco Ball

Use the glue designed for mirrors. Start the work from the “equator”, that is, from the middle of the ball, gradually approaching the poles. The distance between the mirror mosaic should be minimal. In order the disco ball looks neat, mosaic tiles should be glued with a slight shift as to the previous row.

How to make DIY Disco Ball

When the work is done dry the ball. After that, hang it on the chosen place and call friends to the disco!

The ball will sparkle during the day when the rays of light will touch it. It will be magical if you direct a ray of light at it in the darkness. You can use a flashlight, a projector or light-music.

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