Peculiarities of using the mirror mosaic

Peculiarities of using the mirror mosaic

The mirror mosaic tile is an amazing material, it can easily show the bright personality and create a unique interior of any room.

The mirror mosaic is used almost everywhere: in finishing strokes, furniture decoration, accessories and decorating household things. Readymade glamorous things are really expensive. Nevertheless, if you decide to have an experiment and use your imagination, you can make your house look unusual in a short time and create stylish accessories almost for free.

mirror mosaic

Easy steps to work with mirror mosaic

Step one. Get ready the material! 

You need a mirror mosaic of different shapes.  You can find them on our website. Pay attention: on a flat surface (for example, on a photo frame or a wall) it will be better to use the same pieces (as they look better), and on a curved surface(for example, vase), it is more convenient to use multi-shaped mosaics: they are easier to glue,  while choosing a mosaic for the compound  shape of the object. You can also use other decorative elements for your composition: pieces of glass of different shades, beads, natural stones, shells.

Step two. Apply the glue!

Important: to obtain a mirror effect, a mirror amalgam is applied to the back side of the glass plate. In order to ensure a long life of this beautiful finishing material, you need to pay attention to the following items.

– The mirror layer can be influenced by moisture, acids, alkalis, organic solvents (it can darken and dull). Therefore, it should be protected from the influences of the kind.

 -The mirror layer is easily damaged mechanically, so the mirror mosaic shouldn’t be moved on the surface plane during laying.

– For gluing a mirror mosaic, it is highly recommended to use special glue for the mirrors. This kind of glue is not aggressive for the amalgam of the mirror, the manufacturer informs the instructions on the label of his product.

– It isn’t recommended to use a mirror mosaic for finishing floors. It isn’t recommended to use the mirror mosaic also on the facade of buildings, structures, and constructions. This is due to climatic conditions, a sudden change of temperature and aggressive precipitation, which can damage the protective layer of the mosaic. It isn’t recommended to use the mosaic for hot surfaces, the temperature of which can reach +50 C.

The special surface preparation isn’t required. The requirements are minimal – it has to be clean, without dirt, grease stains and it should be dry: it is enough to wipe with a cloth. We apply a thin layer of glue.

Step three. Stick it!

Glue each fragment carefully, leaving between them the same (0.25 – 0.5 cm) gaps. Arrange the mosaic according to a pre-planned ornament. The glue doesn’t dry immediately, therefore, it is possible to improve the design and eliminate defects. Leave the thing for 2-3 hours before it dries completely.

Step four. Grout it!

Important: To be sure that the mirror amalgam doesn’t start to deteriorate from the environment effects (changes of temperature and moisture) and the finished work hasn’t lost its appearance for many years, all the joints must be carefully sealed after laying. Pay attention, the grout shouldn’t contain the sand, not to scratch the mirror surface during the process. It is better to use latex or acrylic waterproof grout.

Dilute the grout following the instructions. The best grout is white grout. It can emphasize the extraordinary. You can use a grout of any color, it depends on your design. Apply the grout carefully with a special rubber spatula, working out the joints. Grout should be applied flush with the surface of the glass. Don’t be afraid to make the mirror surface dirty because of the grout is easily washed off with water.

Step five. Wash off the grout and enjoy your work!

Gently remove the extra grout and wash it off the mirror fragments with a clean damp cloth. When the glue is dry, the mosaic is fixed well, so it can be rubbed. After that, the grout between the joints must get dry for 2 -5 hours. Then wipe the product again using a dry napkin or duster.

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