The Mirror Frieze

The Mirror Frieze

The mirror frieze is a decorative rectangular tile. It is made of mirror, good for decoration the walls and ceiling. The mirror (like the glass from it is made of) is resistant to the moisture and the temperature changes.

The final bath interior depends on the right choice of the freeze. The border made of the mirror mosaic is an excellent choice. The mirror combines perfectly with any wall tiles. It allows you to make the small place look visually larger, it is a good combination with the chromium, which is often used in household appliances and mixers. Any ray of light or glare from candles will give your room a magical charm.

The mirror mosaic border is very often used for the dividing light and dark tiles, decorating a niche,  a column,  a toilet bowl, a bath or a  shower. Using a decorative mosaic at the border of walls and ceiling allows you to make the room look higher.

wall mosaic tiles

mosaic mirror border

mirror mosaic border

wall mirror mosaic tile border on mesh


One more feature of the mirror mosaic frieze on the mash is its flexibility and small size of the mirror elements. You can decorate the flat and curved surfaces, for example, an arch or a column. The light on the mirror surface will shine brighter.

A mirror mosaic frieze is often used for the decoration the mirrors which are on the same level with tiles. This kind of frame will make the bathroom interior look noble and perfect.

We can produce a freeze according to your order. Also, we can choose a pattern and color combination that is ideal for a particular design.

The mounting of the mirror frieze won’t be difficult for the professional or for people who want to make repair themselves. A mirror mosaic is suitable for decorating of any kind of surfaces: concrete, wood, metal, plastic.

Take into consideration the factors:

– The thickness of the mirror mosaic border should be 4 mm. This should be taken into consideration when choosing the main tile, it can often be thicker;

– the adhesive for installation shouldn’t be aggressive to the  mirror amalgam, it shouldn’t contain cement in its components;

– Do not use grout containing the sand. It is better to use a moisture-resistant grout for rooms with a high humidity and use a rubber spatulaе;

The mirror mosaic doesn’t need a lot of care. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface of the mosaic, wash them with a mild detergent for the glass. To prevent stains clean the surface with a dry soft cloth or a paper towel.



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