How to make a mirror mosaic panel

How to make a mirror mosaic panel


Exclusive mosaic is true decoration for any interior. Choose the ornament that you can make on your own, using a mirror mosaic tile for art and craft so that even if you are a beginning DIYer you will cope with this difficult task.


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You can take simple pixel ornament among the schemas for beadworks or cross stitch. These kinds of women’s needlework are also based on creating a unified picture from many small elements. It’s not so hard to apply such mosaic on the wall: you can arrange a set of square chips directly on the wall. If there are large areas filled in with pixels of the same color in the figure, it’s easier to use a mosaic on a mesh, cutting out a piece of the needed shape. To do this, use the method of counting square slices vertically and horizontally.

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The selected pattern or ornament must be split into freeform fragments. You can bind the detail outlines to the contours, making it as simple as geometric ornament. The life-size thumbnail should be prepared.

Installation of the mosaic panel

At home, you can make the mirror mosaic in 2 ways.

  1. Direct pickup method means gluing fragments directly onto the wall. In this case the glue should be put on the back side of every detail. Then each detail is to be pressed tightly to the surface. In 3 hours, when the glue’s dry, apply the floating with rubber knife pushing it down in gaps between parts of the mosaic. Remove the surplus of the matter with a damp sponge or cloth. Complete drying of floating will happen in 5-6 hours. The surface of the finished mosaic should be polished with rags to shine.
  2. The opposite method is based on collecting a set on a table or other surface. For the basics, you can take a transparent self-adhesive tape. Perform the sketch inversely and put it on the table. Remove the protective foil, spread the tape over the sketch adhesive side up. Put the parts of mosaic facedown pressing them to the tape adhesive side. Once the mosaic is collected, put to the wall glue for mirrors specially designed not to damage the layer of amalgams. Put the canvas with a set on the wall, gently press it and leave until sticked for the time specified by glue manufacturer. When the matter is harden, remove the tape from panels and float joints like in direct method.

When mounted correctly, mosaic of mirror fragments can serve for decades without losing its decorative qualities. If one of the chips is accidentally damaged, it’s easy to replace it: just remove fragments and glue the new element.

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