Green & silver, wall mirror mosaic tile border on mesh 10.8″ x 2.63″ – 5 borders

  • The most often mirror mosaic adorns toilets and bathrooms. Mirror mosaic is as waterproof, as mosaic varieties of stone and glass. Thanks to this material, you can make visually more spacious and luxurious even for the smallest showers.
  • Finishing of baths screen is an interesting technique for small bathrooms. Special effect can be achieved by using a glossy tile of the same form on the walls.
  • Another special zone with high exploitation demands is the working area of the kitchen. Mirror tiles could be well combined with chrome, which is often present in household appliances and faucets. Moreover, thanks to the mirrored surface of the skirting each household item will look quite natural.
  • It is important to note that the mirror mosaics will be a good decision if you want to unite an open kitchen with a living room or dining area. It will provide the entire space with a more refined and complete view.
  • Mirror decor of a ceiling is a bold solution: use it to increase visually the room height. The mirrored ceiling will send active shade and glare onto the walls. Therefore it’s important not to overload the decor of the remaining surfaces.

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